Monday, June 6, 2011

Bercerai susu sementara... :(

Saat kejadian begini memang dijangka bagi ibu bekerja..sob..sob.. seriously..I don't like it sbb belum bersedia..But to take it positively, this is the time you MUST learn new skill, memujuk anak kesayangan utk wean off sementara..kenapa sementara..kerana ku & 'baby' blm bersedia.Cdgnya nak wean off naturally bila pregnant nanti (?). Belajar memujuk hati sendiri menerima hakikat tanggungjawab dlm bekerja. Boleh tak buat bengkel di sini shj tanpa bermalam? Save bajet kan ;)

Oh my! Breastfeeding is not just giving milk as your baby's food but it is more than that..BONDING..ATTACHMENT..LOTS OF LOVE..PRECIOUS MOMENT..CLOSE TO YOUR HEART..

Dan abe pun dah request "escape boleh tak?" he..he..sbb dia yg akan menanggung kecelaruan? berhadapan dgn tangis nyaring anak dara itu mencari ummi. Kalau kerja mlm pun tak tdo tunggu ummi balik? Inikan kena tinggal 3hr 2mlm?? Tapi hanya Allah yg mempermudahkan segala urusan. Kita hanya usaha & doa. Kena guna teknik memukau ni ;) Org lain outstation ke obersea ok jer..eheh..

Bila ada cabaran, maka kita akan berusaha mencari ilmu utk selesaikannya. Ada hikmah di situ kan ;) Ku google2 & share di sini:

Change bedtime routines

My then 26-month-old daughter Elise's favorite time to nurse was at night, right before bed. Instead of nursing, I read to her from her favorite books. She would then drink her milk, and snuggle into the pillows ready for sleep. It took a few weeks to get her used to the routine — and some crying — but we learned to bond in a different way.

Tricks for the family bed

I weaned my daughter just shy of her second birthday. When she woke in the middle of the night, I would just hold her until she drifted back to sleep when she realized there would be no "nursy." I kept a cup of milk ready for her when she woke up in the morning, then we read, read, read until she got used to this pattern and not nursing. Bedtime was tough. I would just say no, Mommy has no more milk or I'd let her dad take her to bed and I stayed away until she drifted off.

A recipe for weaning

Here's a gentle weaning method to try: Finely chop a clove of garlic. Put chopped garlic and a tablespoon of olive oil in a small bowl. Let this sit for a few hours. Strain out the garlic. The oil should have a strong garlic odor. Put the oil on nipples. (You may want to protect your bra with a nursing pad.) My 2-year-old would ask to nurse and then tell me I was stinky and refuse. She'd check a few times a day, and lo and behold I was still smelly. I reapplied twice a day for about four days and then she stopped asking. We cuddled and read a lot of books during the transition time. There were no tears. I'm happy I nursed her as long as I did, but I was ready to wean!
— Anonymous

My son was 2 years and 8 months old when I stopped nursing cold turkey. I just told him my milk was all gone and he accepted it. This was after almost two years of doing everything else I could think of to wean him from nursing.
— Bambi

I had to wean my 24-month-old suddenly because I'm taking some medications that pass through breast milk. We had given him boxes of organic vanilla milk when we traveled, and he always liked it. So I bought a case and explained that he could not nurse because of the medicine. He cried hard the first night, but Dad got him to sleep. Now he reminds me to take my medicine and we cuddle a lot during the day. Only go cold turkey if you absolutely have to. I know it would be easier on both of us if we'd had the time to gradually wean.
— Francesca
Source : Babycenter

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