Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cloud B Cuddle Cub Givaway

It's simple : Create a link back to us or
as requested, you can FACEBOOK about us.
Just link back to us and stand a chance to win a Cuddle Cub (worth RM 139.90)
Giveaway ends : 30th September 2009
NEW ! Cuddle Cub - Gentle Vibrations for Comforting SleepHelping soothe the sense of touch, Cuddle Cub’s tactile sensations are carefully chosen to comfort, calm and provide a sense of security.A unique heart-shaped vibration unit tucked in Cuddle Cub’s body provides two gentle vibration options. Combined with soft fabrics and memory foam, Cuddle Cub helps comfort and ease children to sleep.Cuddle Cub Features:
· Unique heart-shaped vibration unit in Cuddle Cub’s body features Time and Rhythm options
· Time Options:Hug Mode - activates with gentle hug orTimer Mode - auto shut off after 2 mins.
· Rhythm Options:Heartbeat Vibration - soothing pulse rhythm orContinuous Vibration - comforting constant motion
· Includes Cuddle Cub story and adoption certificate
· Includes two AA batteries
· Ideal for ages 2 to adult
Acik copy paste jer. Kwn2 sila la join. Best tau kalau dpt something free nih ;) Sila klik kat gambar utk link giveaway ni.
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