Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Susah Let down reflex :(

Utk bacaanku & kwn2 yg hadapi mslh yg sama masa pumping. Kalau direct Alhamdulilah ok jer.

Sumber : http://kellymom.com/bf/supply/letdown.html.Ku copy yg berkenaan je.

Possible causes of slow let-down
It's quite normal for a mother to have a harder time letting down when pumping than when nursing. The milk may be there, but you may have a hard time letting down and "releasing" the milk. Some mothers also have a let-down which is not functioning properly when baby is nursing.

Many things can be the cause of a slow or inhibited let-down: anxiety, pain, embarrassment, stress, cold, excessive caffeine use, smoking, use of alcohol, or the use of some medications. Mothers who have had breast surgery may have nerve damage that can interfere with let-down. In extreme situations of stress or crisis, the release of extra adrenaline in the mother's system (the "fight or flight" response) can reduce or block the hormones which affect let-down.

Sometimes a cycle is created, where baby fusses and pulls off because the let-down is slow, which makes mom tense up, which makes the let-down even slower, etc. You can use relaxation techniques and let-down cues to break this cycle.

Let-down cues that have proven helpful
Use all of your senses to facilitate let-down. Concentrate on the sight, sound, smell and feel of your baby. Have a certain beverage that you drink (the sense of taste) at the beginning of every nursing session, have a certain song that you listen to, etc.

Additional suggestions if you're pumping while separated from baby:
- Look at a picture of your baby (nursing, if possible). (kat pc dah ada tp bkn ms nursing la)
- Try listening to a tape recording of your baby fussing before nursing and/or feeding sounds.(kena bukak video kat handphone la nih)
- Use a portable tape player with headphones if needed. Or just visualize what he sounds like when he's ready to nurse. (dah byg pejam2 mata rasa nak lena plok..ngeh..ngeh..)
- Put a sleeper or t-shirt or blanket that baby has worn in a ziplock bag. Open it up when ready to pump - smell and touch it. (nak kena bwk bj masham Adnin la nih ..he..he..)
I know my milk is there tp segaan je nak kua..huwaa!!!
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